This is a website designed for practicing pathologists and pathologists in training to find a few handy (albeit occasionally old!) resources for use in pathology.

A few of the tools you will find here are my own, like the Pap Reader, CPT and ICD-9 tools; feel free to use or download them.  Others are links to other useful websites or downloadable programs that I have found at one time or another valuable in my day to day practice; be sure you check out the developers' conditions of use.

I should also point out that the Gynecologic/Breast Pathology Atlas and IHC applications are only demo versions.  I have used VBScript in portions of these applications, so they may not function properly if you use web browsers that don't support this scripting language.  You shouldn't have a problem if you have a PC with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Any suggestions and comments you may have to make this website more useful are welcome.  Just drop me a quick email at

Multnomah Falls, OR